The September Issue… or what cooking with Marihuana and Anna Wintour have in common

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Lay back, it´s Sunday and enjoy the short amusing Video below to find out about Anna Wintours guilty pleasures, what she thinks about Brooklyn and that she finds “Cooking with Marihuana” an interesting topic for this years issue.

The US VOGUE´s September Issue is traditionally the most important and biggest issue of the year. Lately it has been Fashion week in New York City and September has arrived. These facts should be reason enough to put the spotlight on the worlds most famous Fashion Magazine and its notorious Britain editor in chief: Miss Anna Wintour. I somehow like Anna, especially, because she is one of a kind and obviously a strong character.



By the way, the Fashionistas all over the world discuss the recent VOGUE Cover as being unconventional, since the September issue usually uses celebrities on the front page tending to score major sales of the Magazine and the brands featured in it. This year (OMG!!) a revolution has taken place:  it is just Models on the Cover, no Sarah Jessica Parker or Victoria Beckham! Only Models, who are famous on Instagram Celebrities.Yes, I know, this is not highly political, but since it’s Sunday and autumn comes and we are all laid back, still worth mentioning. I like these sometimes unexpected decisions Wintour makes, the only thing I´ve always contradicted with is, that she supports the fur industry that is still booming. Designers incorporate small amounts of fur into a wider array of garments, making it more affordable and therefore also attractive for younger generations. Nowadays still you´ll find a lot of fur features in Top Magazines such as Vogue. This influential Magazine should not only revolt with “unconventional” Covers, I think it´s about time to think over giving the alternative fake fur industry more credit in the future. Kids stop wearing fur, bake some funny Sunday cookies instead and relax your mind ! Now you should find the right recipe in the Magazine.



Eric Boman, Vogue, September 2014



Mario Testino/Vogue


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