Urban Appetizer serves up a stimulating menu for people with an affinity for urban life taste.
In my articles I provide a wide selection of all the products, events, ideas, places et cetera, I do associate with “The Good Life”in the City . Not only inspired by the homonymous Frank Sinatra Song, than rather by the Cities I live in.

The author

I am Celia-Dorothee Klaue and refer to myself as being a cosmopolitan communication professional enthusiastic about Uniqueness, Fashion, Music, Fine Arts, Culture and especially Urban Lifestyle.
Many years of interdisciplinary work experience as a booker in the music industry, leadership in Street-Wear Retail, working as a PR Manager of an established Bag Company, such as freelance author experience, are providing me with amazing inspiration plus an eye for the detail and are the basis for projects with professional 360 ° communication standard in my work. This here is just another playground, yet my favorite playground. I live and work in Berlin & New York.

Dinner is ready!


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