The future of grocery shopping- Progressive Supermarket Concept Opening in Berlin

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Sometimes I really feel proud whenever I see that there are still idealistic ideas amongst our consumer society landscape that show how small steps can improve awareness for protecting our environment.Recently two young entrepreneurs from Berlin came up with an idea revolutionizing our everyday grocery shopping behavior:

The concept ORIGINAL UNVERPACKT (“ORIGINAL UNWRAPPED”) ties in with the old “Tante Emma Corner Store” from another Century and is yet the most modern approach for sustainable contemporary consumer behavior. – We live in a throwaway- society: Each cucumber is wrapped in plastic,eventhough it is already wrapped by nature, every tea bag has its own paper sleeve, the yogurt is filled into small cup and chocolate candies are wrapped in two layers of packaging. Additionally you pay another amount of money for plastic bags which are mostly not useful for a second time grocery shopping. So is the nowadays reality in supermarkets in the Western Society.



The two committed Women Sara Wolf and Milena Glimbovski from Berlin founded a start up – supermarket in Berlin-Kreuzberg, which dispenses entirely on packaging. Along with hundreds of investors who participated on the crowdfunding platform Start Next the vision turned into reality and the first market is about to open for and with you on September,13th in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

The concept: customers bring their own empty glasses, bottles and fabric bags or can borrow such things alternatively in the grocery store. Then one only has to purchase the desired amount of a product which he/she actually needs.



More than 100.00 € euros have been collected due to startnext for the project on the crowdfunding platform, which is a huge success. Within 24 hours the inimum amount was cracked and only a few days later they reached the 45.000 € which they needed for a larger range.
As an additional funding requirement, the multiple award-winning company received investments by a scholarship for Social Startups of SAP and by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, through private investors.

Official opening:

September, 13th

Wiener Straße 16, 10999 Berlin

Everyone is invited to meet the owners, discover the shop and will be gladly advised with all questions about the products and the concept.

Opening hours: Weekdays from 8 am – 8 pm & Saturdays. 9am -7pm

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