Open letter to Broadway

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My first arrival and shelter in New York was on the Mildred Sutherland Corner on Upper Broadway. My personal Westside story began. Even though it was the cold winter, I really felt everything would be okay, one day. Here is my tribute to the street, that everyone knows and soon became my new home.

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Dear Broadway

Your pavement was the first I stepped on when I decided to start a new.

By that time I wasn’t aware what most amazing events in my life
would lie ahead
and what you would walk me through.
Spent many nights and days with myself in this good spirited house
close to the Hudson.
Only me and my thoughts
and every now and then a little cat
sneaking up the stairs to my room,
announcing that spring was about to come soon.  

There were all these winter nights
filled with tears of farewell and thoughts of people back home
…but then there were the Morning lights
full of joy and new friendship, soon to followed by laughter
while outsides pavement still suffered from weather disaster.

There were no stars in the illuminated sky,
but we had a red full moon above the yard
and we had us to make our wishes.

There were the Nights coming home late up the stairs
with pocket lamps on.
And down on the corner the boys were hanging all night,
waiting for their life to move on.

Oh Broadway,

Your pavement nearly seemed to change with every step I made.
You were always there walking with me,
while you gave me the ground for those overwhelmed feelings
that were talking to me.

Oh Concrete Jungle, you soon became my home…

Always talking loud in various languages
I couldn’t understand, but these new words
that put my new world into new order.
Gave me so much reflection and native pride
and taught me an accent
helping me hustling through every day life.

This chosen lifetime amongst Big City lights, hustlers
and blurry Taxi-rides, in long hot summer nights
where I left my heart on Upper West Side´s.

You street of all streets,
Where else in this world could I feel more arrived?  
Took me by the hand
and made me find my long lost childhood dream
on a barre at dance-school again.

This asphalt made me wander down and lifted me up.

And now it´s like the game ain´t the same.

Good Night beautiful Harlem.
May you always shine so bright.
I miss the Puerto Rican voices and the alarming iceman at night.

  – For Jo, Helena & Sandra –

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